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A carbon styling package for the Taycan is now available from ZYRUS Engineering:

ZYRUS Engineering unveil new carbon styling package for the Porsche Taycan

Norway, November 9th 2020

When the Covid-19 pandemic took over the world, Norwegian firm Zyrus Engineering had to pause testing and development of its Zyrus LP1200 project, due to ever changing restrictions on travel.

During this lock-down period the Zyrus team were asked to design some carbon parts for a customer in Norway, to enhance the styling of the all-electric Porsche Taycan.

This proved a welcomed challenge for the talented team of engineers at Zyrus as Porsche is renowned for high quality and perfect fitment, the team were able to focus on these aspects.

With an extensive background of carbon fibre production and utilizing the latest technology already at their disposal, the team has meticulously produced all carbon parts in-house. After nearly 3 months of prototyping, Zyrus believes they will be the first to market with such a high-end package for Porsche Taycan customers.

The full carbon kit is available to order now, and contains 14 carbon parts that fit the OEM mounting points. With the original DNA of the Porsche Taycan preserved, the carbon fibre creates a sublime, professional finish.

The full kit starts at €12,900, with options of matte or gloss carbon fiber, and the rear wing is available separately at €1,700, custom paint is also offered to customers upon enquiry.

With growing interest and enquires already filtering in, Zyrus Engineering intends to secure an International distributor network in the near future.



Rear carbon bumper



Carbon side skirts


Rear Carbon boot lid


Carbon side vents


Carbon front splitter

About ZYRUS Engineering

ZYRUS Engineering is a small-scale manufacturer with its HQ located in the rugged outlying districts of Norway, creating innovative automotive design and production of high performance vehicles.

Through several years they have been involved in motorsports in one of Europe’s most extreme ultra-horsepower race car series based in Norway in which they are current GT+ Champions with their LP1200.

ZYRUS Engineering are a highly motivated diverse engineering company utilising the latest manufacturing machinery such as 3D Scanning and CNC equipment, working with global organisations on design and manufacture of carbon fibre unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and electronic software systems.

The company identity is based on uncompromising Norwegian core values such as quality, solidity and integrity.


For further information about ZYRUS Engineering or distribution options, please contact:- Lex Akehurst:- [email protected]

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