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You might be able to stream movies while driving in the Taycan

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I don't if it's possible to be more impressed with the Taycan's interior after yesterday's reveal, but on top of everything else it might be possible to stream movies with the optional passenger screen. I'm entirely sure how Porsche can do it safely but it's definitely something worth paying attention to.

ATLANTA — Porsche plans to bring streaming video — a la Netflix — to its first full-electric sedan.

With twin high-resolution in-dash 10.9-inch digital screens and a high-end audio system, the Porsche Taycan seems designed as much for an evening at the cinema as a spirited drive on the autobahn.

Video streaming could come to the Taycan, Oliver Fritz, Porsche's director of driver experience, said this week on the sidelines of a press event at Porsche Cars North America headquarters. But he said the plans are not yet firm.

"We are working on the video use case, but we want to make it safe," Fritz said.
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