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At this year's Porsche European Open in Hamburg (September 5-8), the Porsche Taycan will be on display for the crowd as the hole-in-one car. The first player that hits an ace on hole #17 will win a new Taycan.

From Porsche:

Awaiting all the golfers teeing up for the fifth edition of the Porsche European Open is a spectacular highlight on hole No. 17. The first player to hit an ace will receive the new Porsche Taycan – the first purely electrically powered car manufactured by the title sponsor which will be officially launched only one day before the start of the tournament. Visitors will also have the chance to win the Taycan at the Porsche Public Hole in One event.
With this announcement, I wonder if this means the Taycan will officially be revealed at the Open or before September 5?
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