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Why Range is the Most Important Factor for EVs

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Anyone watched this yet?
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Good discussion and I do agree that range is perhaps the 'most important' factor. But I have had 3 Tesla's in the past 5 years and my current P100D, although I charge to 280 miles, only delivers about 200 to 210 on an average day in the winter in New York....seriously, that is it!! So I pity the new Porsche Taycan owner who wants performance also as the degradation due to acceleration etc would be immense. But, nevertheless, I have purchased the Taycan 4S.....happy new year!!
The Taycan will be exceptionally fun to drive for local commuting, where your roundtrip is 200 miles or less. It's not a vehicle for long-distance driving (few Taycan owners will do so), though it can be taken on long trips if you are not in a hurry and don't mind dealing with public-charging hassles. When I buy my first BEV, it will not be for long-distance driving; it will be a daily driver for local use, but we'll keep at least one or two ICEVs (PHEVs) for those out-of-town long trips.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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