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Front-end plugins are the ones that deal with the parts of your site that users can see and interact with. Plugins like lightboxes, media players, fancy pop-up bars, social sharing buttons, and social embeds are all layers of code that have to talk to your database, load their own dependencies, render for the visitor, get images and other media, and so on.

A plugin that runs two lines of code and adds a simple ad bar to your site won't make a big difference in how long it takes to load. But if you have twenty, thirty, or forty of them, all of those extra server requests and dependencies will add up. Rather than leveraging the plugins hire a good WordPress development company https://ikonicdev.com/

Back-end plugins deal with problems on the server side, give you more control or features in your admin console, set up passive or active monitoring, help sort, organize, and optimize, and so on. A plugin that limits the number of times you can try to log in before you get locked out, a plugin that checks your site for broken links, and a plugin that creates and updates a sitemap every time you post new content: these aren't likely to affect the user experience in any way, especially if you've installed a caching plugin.
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