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VW Sets Electric Nurburgring Lap Record

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The ID.R has smashed the lap record for electric cars around the Nurburgring with a time of 6:05.336 seconds, according to VW Motorsport.

The time means that VW achieved its stated goal of beating the old EV record holder, the Nio EP9’s 6:45 lap time. The time also means that it beat Porsche’s old (and recently beaten) record set by Stefan Bellof.

Although the ID.R did not beat the Porsche 919 EVO’s lap time of 5:19.55, beating Stefan Bellof’s 6 minute 11 second lap time is still massively impressive, since that record had once been considered unbeatable.

The ID.R made its debut roughly a year ago when its mission was to set the electric record at Pikes Peak. There, it so exceeded its mark that it took the overall record on the Colorado mountain and was the first car to ever reach the peak in fewer than 8 minutes.

There had long been speculation that VW would take the car to the Nurburgring since it is about the same length as the Pikes Peak hill climb course, but VW couldn’t just fly the car to Germany and run the track.

Thanks to the German track’s low altitude and relative richness in straights, VW’s engineers had to thoroughly overhaul the car’s aerodynamic setup. The team went so far as to add F1-style active aero to reduce downforce on the Nurburgring’s long straights.

Those long straights, though, are likely why the ID.R will never come especially close to the 919 EVO’s lap time. Thanks to its enormous power and its start in life as a Le Mans racer, the Porsche can hit speeds of more than 200 mph. The ID.R, meanwhile, is limited to less than 170 mph.

Impressively, Dumas–who set both of the ID.R’s the records–was faster in real life than he was in a publicly released simulation. Volkswagen gave RaceRoom its simulation data so that anyone could try their hand at racing the ID.R at the ‘ring and even with the fear of bodily harm and the great beyond, Dumas still managed to beat his (non-DRS) sim time.

We will update this post with footage of the record as soon as it becomes available.

The ID.R’s next mission will take it to China, where VW plans to send it up the 6.8-mile Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road in September.
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I can't wait to see what a road going version of all of this amounts to. The Taycan line up will be the most mild of it all and yet its already impressing me.
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