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This might be our closest look yet at the upcoming Porsche Taycan.

Shot in Germany there's no specific new piece of information here but we do get an ultra close-up look at the car, including a peak at the undercarriage.

We also get a close up of some interesting details, such as cut-outs in the rear bumper.

It also appears this car is wearing winter tires (noted by the heavy siping on the tread). The actual type of tire isn't known as there are no markings on the sidewall.

Click here for full Taycan specs.

Click here for Porsche Taycan 0-60 Times.

Click here for info on Taycan Charging Time.

And if you've put down a deposit on a Taycan or you're just interested, be sure to sign up to the Porsche Taycan Forum and say hi!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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