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I took delivery of my Taycan 4S this week, I love the car but still, have a lot of learning to do to understand all its features. Unfortunately, the manual leaves much to be desired in explaining them.

I have an Android (Samsung Galaxy S9+) so I am not able to use Apple Car Play. I have had no problem pairing the phone to the PCM in the Taycan,

The problem is that I would like to play content from the phone such as music or podcasts from Spotify or audiobooks from the Amazon Kindle app through the Taycan's PCM via the Bluetooth connection. While this is easy to do in my Porsche Macan, (Step 1: Pair the phone's BT to the car, Step 2: Select BT as the source on the car's PCM, Step 3.: Play content on the phone through the car) it does not work in the Taycan.

In the Taycan, it appears that the phone can only be used as a data source of MP3 files to be read via BT by the PCM. I have not found a way to use the phone's applications as the source to play through the PCM. Has anybody been successful in doing so? How did set it up and get it to work?

Advice is appreciated.
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