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Hello all,
Now that my 4CT is finally here and while it is all new and clean and shiny, itiis time to think about the different wraps available.

What have others found out and done to their cars?

The 3M IR filtering film seems like a good choice for the glass top. The Porsche dealer has an option to do the front of the car in XPEL, which I feel sure that they subcontract out to a local shop.
I went with just a front wrap, on the bonnet, from the dealer. They were able to put it on before I took delivery, so that was the easiest way for me to have it done. While I could have probably researched it and found someone less expensive, by having the dealer do it if there are any problems or fading then they get to deal with it.
The front is low and will definitely get it's share of fine gravel thrown up on it, and here in the Midwest we have to deal with very large bugs that can do a number on the paint as well. I didn't go with a full body wrap as I didn't want to push my luck on how it would turn out, and if you ever need to have any body work done it is hard for them to match the paint to the rest of the car that has the wrap.
As others have said, make sure whomever you go with wraps the edges.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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