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There are now over 32,000 applications for the Taycan

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The latest is out on initial Taycan orders and so far it hit an impressive 32,000. Porsche initially planned for 20,000!

Andreas Haffner, Porsche’s head of Human Resources and Social Affairs, said this week there are now over 32,000 applications for the Taycan, and even if probably not all of them will turn into orders, this is a clear sign of how “great the interest is in shaping the future of the sports car.”

With that in mind, and given the fact the planned 1,500 new positions for Taycan production will be completed in the coming days, Porsche says an additional 500 people are to be hired next year at the Zuffenhausen facility.

“With the Taycan, we are showing that e-mobility is by no means a job killer. Rather, we are underlining its future viability, especially in the sports car segment,” said the German executive in a statement.
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Funny, estimated Model S sales for the month of September was 1,100.
I predict a continued downtrend as Taycan production progresses.
Model S is still a great car but it’s getting old (7 years since v1 was commercialized and over 3 years since redesign) - now that Taycan is out, Tesla owners are reselling their cars to buy the Porsche which means a higher volume on 2nd hand market and lower direct sales I assume. Also, now they showed the Plaid version is coming, they took the risk of having people postponing purchases to wait for the future version...
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