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Demand for the Taycan helped Porsche get through poor sales during the pandemic:

"Porsche's sales in the United States, its second-largest global market, took a significant hit earlier in 2020 as lock-downs swept across the nation. Its recovery has been quicker than expected, and company CEO Oliver Blume told Autoblog that strong demand for the electric Taycan has helped it turn the situation around.

"We're achieving a v-shaped recovery; a fast drop, followed by a fast rise. Sales started to rebound in June, and that trend has continued to accelerate through the third quarter," he affirmed. Launched earlier in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the Taycan (pictured) now stands proud as Porsche's third-best-selling model, behind the Macan and the Cayenne and ahead of the Panamera. Upcoming new variants, like the Cross Turismo station wagon expected to break cover in the coming months, will ensure demand for the model stays high."
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