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The Taycan Cross Turismo Concept Explored In Detail

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Porsche has a consistent theme of intelligent products; whether gasoline or diesel, or even some of the latest hybrids, all are tuned to an intelligent caliber and the Taycan Cross Turismo maintains that. Its based around an 800V state-of-the-art electric powertrain/drivetrain configuration that delivers 440kW (600hp) of performance, 500km's (NEDC) range, balanced weight distribution, Porsche Stability Management (PSM) that contributes to a high-performance drive system and E-AWD that'll keep you confident on any reasonable terrain. On tarmac, it can do 0 to 100km/h in under 3.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 250km/h.

600hp Porsche E-Performance.
800-volt system voltage, a high-performance drive with permanently excited synchronous machines (PSM) on the front and rear axle, and an intelligent lightweight concept provide performance and transverse dynamics that are typically Porsche.

Increased desire for freedom.
Thanks to its increased ground clearance, robust chassis and on-demand E-all-wheel drive, the Mission E Cross Turismo doesn’t shy away from new terrain.

Positively screams ‘Performance’. Even though it’s barely audible.
The drive of tomorrow. It’s on everyone’s lips. On all our minds. But above all, it’s in our hearts. This is why we’re doing exactly what we do best: we’re following our own path. And we’re giving the world of e-mobility a boost. With the Concept Study Mission E Cross Turismo.

The performance data, which makes even motorsport hearts beat that little bit faster, speaks for itself: 440kW (600hp) of system performance surge from 0 to 100km/h in under 3.5 seconds. And not only that: with a range of over 500km (NEDC), its longdistance capability is guaranteed – typically Porsche.

The Porsche E-Performance concept doesn’t stop there. We’re also setting new standards in terms of continuous power and reproducibility: several acceleration manoeuvres are possible in immediate succession, while performance remains the same. This is made possible through a PSM high-performance drive: ‘permanently excited synchronous machines’ with an extremely high level of output consistency on both the front and the rear axle. This creates an on-demand E-all-wheel drive – for optimum traction on any terrain. And additional levels of driving pleasure and safety.

An intelligent overall concept is what we demand of all our sports cars, which also applies to the Concept Study Mission E Cross Turismo. A purpose design concept represents the ideal positioning of the drive components.

The state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery integrated into the underbody plays a major role. In conjunction with the electric motors found directly on both of the drive axles, this provides a balanced weight distribution. And a deep centre of gravity. For optimal performance and transverse dynamics.

Performance At A Glance:
  • Acceleration 0–100km/h: < 3.5 seconds
  • Acceleration 0–200km/h: < 12 seconds
  • Maximum speed: > 250km/h
  • System power: > 440kW (600hp)
  • System voltage: 800V
  • PSM high-performance drive
  • Range: > 500km (NEDC)
  • Intelligent lightweight concept
Source: Porsche Global


Carrying on signature design cues originating in the 911 and ushering in an era of battery electric Porsche's, the Taycan Cross Turismo brings with it unique and purpose driven traits. Up front is a flat hood and defined fenders with vertical intakes, that with the sporty fly line and flush side profile (including the door handles), helps to channel air out back to its distinctive rear wing. An aerodynamically optimized diffuser and lightweight aluminium wheels contribute to the Taycans superb transverse dynamics. All of this contributes to what Porsche calls a 'flow-optimised body".

A Porsche at first glance. As you’ve never seen it before.
Compact electric motors, underbody battery, no combustion engine, no exhaust system, no transmission tunnel. Plenty of opportunities to question and rethink previous forms. With this concept car we are exploring the limits. Such as the harmonious combination of typical Porsche shapes with optimised aerodynamics.

The result: a flow-optimised body, totally geared to performance – on a robust chassis with increased ground clearance, which opens up new routes off the beaten path.

The front, with its extremely flat at bonnet section, clearly shows the familial ties to the iconic Porsche 911. With its vertical air intakes for the air curtain around the front wheels, it oozes unbridled dynamics

A stylistic and technical highlight of the front end is the LED matrix headlight units with four-point daytime running lights. Our glimpse into the future, so to speak. Additional lights are elegantly integrated into the bonnet.

With its distinctive rear wings and extremely sporty flyline, the Concept Study Mission E Cross Turismo is also immediately identifiable as a Porsche from the side. The door handles are flush to the surface and automatically fold out when you approach the car. An electrically operated charge port is elegantly integrated into the design on both the driver and front passenger side – for increased comfort in any charging situation.

Also from the back, the Concept Study Mission E Cross Turismo is immediately recognisable as a Porsche. The rear design features a continuous light strip. An aerodynamically optimised diffuser user allows optimal roadholding. The Turismo rear end with large tailgate and variable luggage compartment offers plenty of space for your golf, kite or ski equipment. And thanks to its practical rear transport system, there is even space for your Porsche E-Bike.

The Mission E Cross Turismo takes to the road on progressive wheels. The wide tyres sit on a lightweight aluminium rim and provide the high levels of transverse dynamics typical of Porsche – on any terrain.

Exterior At A Glance:
  • Purpose design concept
  • Extremely sporty flyline
  • Robust chassis with increased ground clearance
  • Four doors
  • Turismo rear end
  • Large tailgate
  • Lightweight aluminium wheel
Source: Porsche Global


As a next-generation Porsche, the cabin is just as intelligent, cutting edge and driver-oriented as any new Porsche ought to be. Complementing the exterior, powertrain and drivetrain, 911 derived characteristics like clear architecture, purism, openness and everyday driveability were also included. What this translates to is a futuristic interior that has four lightweight (racing style) seats with slim headrests, an end-to-end glass roof with thermal radiation control, practical everyday cargo loading (via tailgate), 3D design elements throughout and finally an extra-wide touch control display joining its new digital package.

Electrifying insights. Fascinating outlooks.
The futuristic, driver-oriented interior design gives an insight into a new, digital world, while at the same time offering a glimpse into the control concept of future Porsche models.

The same principles that have been intrinsic to the basic configuration of our sports cars since the very beginning apply to the Concept Study Mission E Cross Turismo: openness, purism, clear architecture, driver-orientation and everyday driveability.

The all-electric drive concept allows an entirely new interpretation of these principles: the absence of a transmission tunnel opens up cabin space and imparts a lighter, more generously proportioned ambient feeling. And meticulous attention has been paid to every detail. The interior design features anodized surfaces and ambient lighting. The door panels impress with 3D elements and the ingenious air-conditioning vents function entirely without slats. These can be controlled intelligently via touch function.

The impression of lightness is intensified through the clear horizontal division of the dashboard by the extra-wide display. A large touch control panel in the minimalist, inclined centre console provides the driver and front passenger with additional functions.

The four sporty, lightweight seats with illuminated Porsche logos are inspired by bucket-type racing seats, thus saving weight and giving driver and passengers the appropriate lateral support to match the driving dynamics of the car. The typically Porsche slim headrests almost seem suspended in the air. Both rear seats are furnished with a practical load-through option for skis.

The end-to-end glass roof with honeycomb structure means the sun accompanies you on every journey. It covers the entire roof surface between the windscreen and the tailgate and provides an even more generous feeling of space. Thanks to the special roof coating, thermal radiation is effectively filtered. For efficient air conditioning.

In the Concept Study Mission E Cross Turismo, the physical world meets the digital world in a way that's never been seen before. Give your intuition free rein and discover an entirely new side to sports car driving.

Interior At A Glance:
  • Four individual seats with illuminated Porsche logos
  • Innovative display concept that is close to standard production
  • State-of-the-art surfaces and 3D elements
  • Variable luggage compartment with rails and rack system
Source: Porsche Global


The Taycan Cross Turismo Concept is a lifestyle product that holds a strong emphasis on in demand technological categories connectivity, lifestyle and a class leading experience. Connectivity comes down to an extra-wide touchscreen with 3D touch control panel, customizable high-resolution TFT technology instrument cluster and the Porsche Connect App for additional functionality conveniently accessible from your smart device. The Porsche Destinations App, a personal assistant, helps to plan your trips, factoring in amenities, optimized routes, and more. Eye-tracking technology and head-up display add to this comfortable and convenient experience.

The best connection to the road. And to the rest of the world. - User experience
The user interface concept with a close-to standard display positioning is optimally tailored to the driver’s requirements, enables intuitive, fast and distraction-free interaction and is an indication of things to come. It consists of a curved driver’s display, a perfectly integrated, extra-wide touchscreen and a 3D touch control panel in the centre console. Functions can therefore also be controlled conveniently by the passenger. A head-up display is also included, which projects key information directly into the driver’s field of vision, meaning the driver can concentrate fully on the road and on driving.

In addition to the round instruments typical of Porsche, the free-standing, curved instrument cluster offers three customizable display modes thanks to bright, high-resolution TFT technology. The key driver relevant information such as speed, range, driving time, performance, statistics such as navigation, infotainment and Connect functions are always in view, without becoming a distraction. Using eye tracking, the relevant information is brought into the foreground just by glancing at the display, and are operated in a distraction-free manner via smart touch controls on the steering wheel. This considerably increases comfort and safety.

The wide touch display o ers direct access to the most frequently used functions and can be personalised in just a few steps. The apps provide primary functions such as media, navigation, air conditioning, telephone, messaging and vehicle settings. These can be operated by the passenger comfortably using the touch function.

The touch control panel in the centre console allows driver and front passenger to control additional functions.

With its innovative display concept, the Mission E Cross Turismo means Porsche fascination can be experienced by both driver and front passenger in equal measure.

The fact that the Mission E Cross Turismo is also a forerunner in terms of connectivity goes without saying with Porsche Connect. The virtual world of the Concept Study Mission E Cross Turismo is therefore not only limited to the vehicle: many functions can also be accessed from outside the car. For example, you can view vehicle information and adjust personal settings by tablet or smartphone. You can navigate to the vehicle or check the current state of charge and control charging by smartwatch.

Of course, Porsche Connect also shows you charging pedestals available in your vicinity, on your journey or at your destination.

Everything that can be individually adjusted in the vehicle – from radio channels and displays to the chassis and driving modes, right through to your preferred air conditioning settings – can be conveniently configured by smartphone, smartwatch or tablet, for example from your living room.

The changes made to the settings are automatically synchronised between the car and your mobile device.

Experience Porsche fascination. Even when you’re outside your sports car. - The Porsche Destinations App.
The innovative Porsche Destinations App transforms every outing in the Mission E Cross Turismo into a comprehensive Porsche experience.

Selected destinations, together with appropriate hotels, restaurants, activities and attractions, are ready for you in the app, which will show you the quickest, most beautiful or most winding route, depending on your schedule and mood. Even the chassis of the Mission E Cross Turismo can be optimally adjusted to the selected route using the app. Of course, you can set a soundtrack befitting your route to play during your journey. And even the ambient lighting and air conditioning in the Mission E Cross Turismo can be preset according to the selected route.

And as if that weren't enough: the Porsche Destinations App lets you book your hotel room or villa directly and reserve a table in a restaurant of your choice. Simple, convenient and individually tailored to you.

Plan your journey comfortably on your tablet or smartphone and then have all the relevant information shown on the display in the Mission E Cross Turismo. During the journey, the Porsche Destinations App will then also alert you to insider tips such as hidden viewpoints and attractions.

The Porsche Destinations App is your personal assistant, providing an abundance of insider knowledge. It extends sports car fascination to anything exciting and new that can be seen on either side of the road. Thus, you can transform your outing into a real Porsche experience – even if you’re not sitting in the Mission E Cross Turismo.

More room for manoeuvre.
The all-digital instrument cluster tracks the driver’s eye movements. The ultrawide display in the dashboard and 3D touch control panel in the centre console mean Porsche fascination can be experienced by both driver and front passenger in equal measure. An additional head-up display provides increased levels of comfort and safety.

Boundless curiosity.
The Mission E Cross Turismo integrates seamlessly into your digital lifestyle. On your spontaneous short getaway, the Porsche Destinations App handles the route planning and supports in booking suitable accommodation, restaurants and sports equipment.

Technology At A Glance:
  • Intuitive control concept
  • Free-standing, all-digital instrument cluster
  • Ultra-wide display in the dashboard
  • 3D touch control panel in the centre console
  • Eye-tracking technology
  • Head-up display
  • Porsche Connect
  • Remote control of various functions via smartphone, tablet or smartwatch
  • Porsche Destinations App
Source: Porsche Global


Charging will be just as seamlesss as other areas of the Taycan Cross Turismo Concept. Two vehicle charge ports (on each side) that also offer a range of charging options add convenience regardless where you are. In the near future achieving 400km range in just 15 minutes of charging at Porsche Centers via Porsche Turbo Chargers will be possible. Owner wishing to have some independence can get a home charging system with solar power. Hopefully when production kicks off, this powerful 800V system will still be available.

Faster. And not only on the road. - Charging on the road.
We believe an innovative vehicle concept is only really innovative if it doesn’t end with the vehicle. The Concept Study Mission E Cross Turismo therefore also includes infrastructure: two optimally integrated vehicle charge ports and clever, comprehensive charging options for when you’re on the road – and at home, of course.

The system voltage: 800V. Unusual. 400V would be the customary norm. But what is customary about a Porsche? With Porsche Turbo Chargers, you can charge a range of 400km in 15 minutes.

Our network of Porsche Turbo Chargers will grow steadily over the next few years. By 2020, you will be able to charge your all-electric sports car in just a few minutes at Porsche Centres, at 800-volt charging stations in the city centre or at selected premium locations such as hotels.

Thanks to the IONITY joint venture, in the near future a fast charging infrastructure will also exist along important main routes in Europe, for example.

The Porsche Charging Service gives you access, independent of country or supplier, to traditional, public charging pedestals without additional registration with the respective provider incredibly simply via RFID card or app. Making payment is convenient and cashless via your central Porsche Account and can be accessed online

Sporty performance. Even in the garage. - Charging at home.
The Mission E Cross Turismo also o ers intelligent and coordinated charging options for at home. In the future, you will be able to charge your all-electric sports car in your garage at home by means of induction via a floor panel – significantly faster than using traditional systems. Without a cable, without a plug, without touching. Simply drive over the floor panel and the charging process will begin automatically.

If you have a solar power system, you can make yourself as independent as possible from your electricity supplier with the Porsche Power Box. This stores surplus solar energy, which you can use during sunless periods to charge your vehicle or for use in the home. Its modular construction means that the Porsche Power Box can be personalised to your household and is easy to integrate.

Of course, you can also supply the Mission E Cross Turismo with power using the Porsche Universal Charger (AC). The charging dock designed by Porsche Design can be installed on a wall right next to where you park your car

800-volt thirst for adventure.
With its innovative 800-volt technology, a range of 400km charges in 15 minutes – meaning the Mission E Cross Turismo is always ready when you are.

500km of independence.
A range of over 500km (NEDC) and recharging of 400km in only 15 minutes. Time to experience a completely new side of e-mobility and discover far- ung destinations

Charging At A Glance:
  • Charging time: 400km in 15 minutes with Porsche Turbo Charging
  • Porsche Turbo Charging
  • Porsche Charging Service
  • Inductive charging
  • Porsche Power Box
Source: Porsche Global
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I don't know how anyone (Tesla fanboys) can't see how Tesla's days will be numbered once both versions of the Taycan are out.

Tesla doesn't have near the technology or scalability Porsche does to create what we're seeing here. Classic play of David vs Goliath.
The only obstacle that the Taycan faces is really that of availability. This is the same problem that seems to affect the launch of every new EV. They just can't be built quickly enough to meet demand.
If you want to be one of the first to get into one of these next generation platforms, you have to buy in early. People placed their pre orders years ahead of release for various Tesla models and its going to be no different here until the manufacturing process can be further streamlined.
Often its difficult to get an early spot from what I realized and some of those that get luck, end up selling the spot for a premium.
Wish that was something that automakers didn't allow. The same way that many get you to sign a contract with a new vehicle purchase to prevent flipping it for a profit for a set period of time.
Automakers dont allow it when it means devaluing the vehicle has larger implications that harm the brand entirely.
However thats only with high end automakers or supercars being offered. Rarely with high volume vehicles like this, so sorry to say we're left out and for good reason. Here you either have to be quick to get in line or patient to find one without paying premiums.
By increasing the number of units they plan on producing, that could help prevent some early dealer markups based on availability. Sometimes finding the best price involves traveling out of your state, which could be worthwhile depending on the premiums that dealers in your area are charging. I do think your odds of coming across one without a reservation will be quite low for launch.
Sometimes it won't be worth travelling and in that case sometimes you can get the dealer to do it for you by way of a dealer trade.
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