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The Taycan almost had a web browser as part of the infotainment system

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Apparently for the Taycan's interior, Porsche considered adding a web browser to the car's infotainment system.

Oliver Fritz, Porsche's director of driver experience, spoke with Automotive News and told them that they decided not to add the browser due to security concerns.

Porsche considered adding a Web browser to the Taycan's digital displays. Tesla offers that capability, but its browser experience has been criticized by some owners as slow and frustrating.

Security concerns, however, dissuaded Porsche from that option.

"Other OEMs offer Web browsers with a lot of security on the back end," Fritz said. "We don't think that's actually the way we want to go.

"If someone really wants to browse Web pages, doing it on the smartphone probably is a better way."
I have to agree with with Fritz on this, I don't think a lot of people would use the Taycan's web browser over their phone to look something up. It's not really a necessary feature for a car to have.
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