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The Porsche Taycan Premiere, From A Tesla Owner’s Perspective

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Clean Technica published an article from Tesla owner that attended the Taycan's premiere in Niagara Falls. Compared to some Telsa fans online he had some positive things to say about the Taycan. It's a good quick read for anyone who's interested.

Porsche earns points for style and making its grand entry into the EV world amongst an impressive backdrop. The goal of the day, and the time since that day, was to find out what the Taycan is built for and what the Porsche mission is with it. Gas and diesel vehicles still have a place in the product line, including hybrid models, so is the Taycan seen by Porsche as a corner jewel in the case or as a foundational stone for an eventual 100% electric Porsche lineup?

My reading is that it’s the latter. By combining Porsche tradition with an electric future, a new “Soul” has been created. This smart, lean, and green product brings both iconic stylings and legendary design into that mix. All these terms inspire feelings. You don’t need to be a Porsche enthusiast to appreciate the confidence and purpose-driven approach that’s been revealed here.

Even from a production standpoint, new facilities were created with the goal of a zero-emissions process.

The overall desire here is to put electric motorsport into production. The Taycan is ready for the racetrack and aims to be the sportiest electric car in its class, uncompromisingly capturing the hearts of its customers. By combining the sportiness with everyday comforts, this is a welcome member to the family.

With real sports car proportions and a strong heritage, even tying into the 911’s deep history, the car certainly comes across as sporty, fun, and yet elegant. And that horizontal light strip showcased at the rear is attractive, as well. Sitting low to the ground immediately puts you in a sports car mood. There’s an immersive dash and common touchscreen features, and you can expand and add more screens based on your preferences.

Various leather colors or a leather-free dash are available at your request.

It’s easy to see that this vision started on a blank canvas, with all freedoms available, and designers pulled together a complete, attractive, functional electric entry — as you’d expect from Porsche.

Porsche has planted its flag. The company looks like it wants to stay. It will need to be loved and hugged much like any other member of the family, so let’s avoid the classic pitfalls of comparing the Taycan to other high-performing EV siblings on the market. The Taycan is here to win hearts and minds, all while inspiring a little electric soul.

This article is just how one Tesla fan feels about Porsche. I love the Taycan and welcome the car with arms wide open. And congratulations to Porsche for putting on a good show.
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