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The Porsche Taycan is converting gearheads to EVs

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I was going down a Reddit rabbit hole and I came across this post on r/Cars. An 2019 Audi S4 driver got a chance to test drive the Taycan Turbo and apparently he has seen the light for EVs.

I love reading stuff like this, the instant power always gets people that are driving EVs for the first time.

Here's the full post:

Passed by the Porsche dealership while on my way home from work, I see a Taycan being parked in front of the building. Immediately pulled over, did a u-turn and went back. I stepped out and took a look at it and wow, it's really nice in person. Salesperson parking the vehicle to my surprised asked me if I wanted to test drive, I said "Sure!"

Sitting inside is weird. It's a Porsche but slightly doesn't feel like it visually aside from the crest on the steering wheel and the leather feel. It's way different from any other Porsche I've been in. Aside from standard safety checks with mirrors, seating etc I start it and the dash and center console light up to give you this "You're in control now" feeling. It's cool!

I put it into drive and wow it sounds like one of those vehicles from the jetsons, I thought it was the electic motors but the salesperson told me it was the "soundaktor" emulating the noises, no worries I like it!. The suspension feels great, it was a smooth ride, quiet and until the salesperson tells me to go on the freeway.

Told me to put it in sport plus and holy **** this is it chief, this is what instantaneous torque feels like in a car. It puts you back in your seat and the fat on my cheeks were flapping, windows weren't even open, both the salesperson and I were giggling like little kids by how surprising this car is. After the test drive the salesperson knew I wasn't going to buy it, he didn't care, he got to enjoy his first drive in it with a fellow driver and we both had fun!

I'm a changed man, does this mean I'm going to buy one? probably not anytime soon but I can for sure put it on my bucket lists of cars to own.
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