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Tesla to Make Their Charging Stations Available

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I just read were Tesla has agreed to make 7,500 of their charging stations in the US available to non-Tesla EV's. Of that 3,500 are to be their fast 250kw charging stations with the rest the Level 2 destination chargers. At least this is a start and hopefully more of their stations will be available as well.
Does anybody have insight as to which stations will make available first? The administration's priority is on stations along the interstate highway system, but I have found the greatest need to be on the secondary U.S. Hwy routes.
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There’s one company working on getting one on the market. Tesla to CCS Adapter • Charge non-Tesla at Supercharger • Ultimate Guide

But, Tesla leaked a picture of their modified station sporting a Magic Dock with both connectors in one. Tesla begins testing Magic Dock-equipped Superchargers for non-Tesla EVs in U.S.
This is very welcome news! Now to find an adapter
Don’t waste your money, it won’t work. Unless the station is converted and added to the mix you will not be able to initiate charging.
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