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Tesla Model S “Plaid” dead in the water/track

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Tesla will be back for another round of testing next month. At this point i'm 95% like to buy a Taycan. Model S is bunched in that 5% with some prospects.

With all Porsche has accomplished with the Taycan, what they're known to deliver with past vehicles and plans for the future, how could you not?

Tesla has A LOT of proving to do. More on Tesla's return in the IEV's article below


Tesla Model S Plaid Capable Of 7:05 Lap At Nurburgring: Tests Next Month

Tesla says a 7:20 lap time is possible now, but improvements will drop that when the automaker returns next month.
Tesla says a 7:20 lap time it the Nurburgring is possible right now, but improvements to the Model S Plaid will drop that time way down when the automaker returns to the track next month.

Reports indicate that there are possibly four Tesla Model S sedans that have been lapping the Nurburgring over the past several days.

Of the four cars, one is rumored to have no interior and that's the car that was hand-timed doing a lap of 7:23. Other Model S sedans at the Ring were much slower, according to claims from the field. Some say a time of 7:40 was recorded on one of the laps, which still beats the time set by the Porsche Taycan at 7:42.

Tesla is now leaving the track and heading home for a bit, but the automaker will return to the Nurburgring next month after tweaking the Model S Plaid. The ultimate goal now seems to be a lap time of 7:05, which Tesla believes is possible.

We'll see what happens next month when Tesla again takes to the Ring to put down some times, but for now, check out these nifty images shared by the automaker via Twitter:

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On another note, the "Plaid" Model S has always been dead to me. What good is it if all we're seeing is a gutted out race car? Yet its trying to best a complete, road legal Taycan. Until Tesla start showing a production spec "Plaid," I won't give it much attention, even then, it has to be every bit as reliable and dependable as our Taycan's can! This one auto vlogger brought up similar points.

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If the Model S Plaid can't drive off the Nurburgring after setting its lap times then it's not that impressive. If this prototype can seat 7 people as Elon Musk claims, I want to see a 7 seater whip around the track, not a gutted out car with 1 seat.
To be honest.. I really don’t care what Tesla is up to. There is reason why we all are buying a Porsche over Tesla. Better build qual, better fit & finish, better customer service & service and ample spare parts to go around, less wait time for repairs/fixes.. just to name a few. We all know Porsche will counter Tesla on the ring as well as with more R&D for future Taycan lineups in order to make or any of us buy another Taycan again. Already spoken for the Cross Turismo along with the Taycan sedan.

Let Tesla fanbois be what they are.. fanbois.. ultimately they have no clue what a real sports car is nor understand what Porsche is about.
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Even though there's some noticeable differences between the Taycan and the Model S, I personally have loved this back and forth between Porsche and Tesla. It's great to see both of them being so competitive with each other, you don't see a lot of that these days. If it leads to better EVs I'm all for it.
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