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Tesla Model 3 has outsold premium competitors since 2018

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When the Taycan comes out this year they're going to have some stiff competition with the numbers that Tesla has reached with the Model 3.

James Stephenson took to Twitter to show how the Model 3 has stacked up against brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, and Jaguar in the United States between January 2018 and May 2019.

The US Sales numbers include:

Tesla Model 3: 178,499
Mercedes-Benz C-Class: 78,262
BMW 3-Series: 60,932
Audi A4: 44,849
Lexus IS: 29,566
Jaguar XE: 6,925

How big of a chunk do you think Porsche can take out of the competition with the Taycan?
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On that note, it seems that while Tesla is seeing success with the Model 3, it's seeing a decrease in sales for the Model X and Model S. Which could be an opportunity for Porsche.

According to insideevs.com

In May 2019, Tesla sold in the U.S. some 16,350 electric cars (InsideEVs’ estimation), which is 82% more than a year earlier!

There is no sign of a demand problem for the brand, but as we can see on particular models, the S and X are experiencing decrease (especially the S), while the Model 3 more than doubles:

Tesla Model 3 – 13,950 (up 133%, 46,425 YTD, up 159%)
Tesla Model X – 1,375 (down 5%, 6,275 YTD, down 10%)
Tesla Model S – 1,025 (down 33%, 5,475 YTD, down 32%)
It’s hard to tell how accurate the figures are at this time. I called my local Tesla dealership about a Model 3 last Friday and he said he could have one for me with any chosen color within 2 weeks. Seems a far cry from all the backorders taken originally. In my opinion any Porsche is going to be a higher quality auto than a Tesla and I for one don’t want to see dozens like mine on the street every day. I believe when folks find out the price premium dealerships are going to add on first year models a lot of folks will back out of the deposit program. It’s one thing to buy a bare bones Porsche but another with their pricing on accessories/add ones.
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