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TaycanEVForum YouTube channel Launched!

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As we continue to grow our community of Taycan fans here, I'm pleased to announce that we've launched our own YouTube channel.

Make sure to subscribe to it here.

Our first video details the recent photos revealed by Porsche of the upcoming Taycan. And we'll have more videos coming soon!

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Will definitely be keeping tabs on this channel and look forward to seeing more videos. There is obviously a lot of influence in the Taycan from other models in the lineup, but I don't think comparisons to the Panamera are a bad thing. A production EV with the styling and dynamics of that model sounds like a winning formula.
Thanks for doing this St00k, should help to bring more eyes to this forum. Was expecting there to be more people here by now, especially with all the coverage the Taycan has been getting online. That should change as more first drives and reviews start to drop.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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