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Taycan Turbo S vs Model S Plaid ... coming next week

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Apparently Motor Trend has their hands on both models. What isn't clear is if the test is next week or the reveal of the comparison / video.

To date there are no Model S Plaid specs.. but the car is rumored to go on sale in Oct/Nov of this year.

If you recall, the Plaid model is the one that was made up last minute to beat the Taycan. And the rumors put the Plaid model at 29 seconds a lap faster around the Nurburgring than the Taycan. (I seriously doubt that).

Of note, the Taycan Porsche originally used was a Turbo and not a Turbo S.

tesla model s plaid
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Looking forward to seeing what Tesla has been working on. For the sake of intellectual honesty, there is absolutely zero difference between the Turbo and the Turbo S around a track, the cars are identical except for the extra power the S can put down only when using launch control (and in fact, the S has a worse Cd ratio than the Turbo)
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