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A test from the team at AutoBlog and with regular driving they get 287 miles of range. Or, more accurately, 209 miles of range with 78 miles remaining.

"The numbers are even better as I make the turn to pass my home the first time. The Taycan’s trip odometer indicates 104.6 miles driven and — get ready for this — 179 remaining. I marvel at the prospect of 284 miles as I begin lap two.

Traffic is slightly worse on the second circuit, especially as commuters start to mix in towards the end. My average speed drops a bit, but the gauge says I’m still pacing about 2-mph faster than my usual average speed on this course.

Lap two is much like the first, with my podcast backlog shrinking all the way. And then it’s over. I roll into my driveway with 209.2 miles on the trip odometer. After two laps of Orange County, the Taycan has surpassed its rated range by 8.2 miles, and it did so with another 78 miles on the range meter. That’s 287.2 miles of projected range, folks, some 43 percent better than the EPA rating."

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