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Road Show took a Taycan Turbo on a round trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco. During that trip they were able to get as much as 257 miles of theoretical range, way more than the EPA's 201 miles.

It's a great article about the trip but if you want to skip straight to the section about the range, here's the section where they provide their calculations.

The range, math and cost

Here's where I need to point out a problem with my route: At no point was I able to drive the Taycan Turbo 201 miles between charges. Based on the availability of fast-charging stations between LA and SF, I had to cut the range short or exceed it far beyond what I would've been comfortable with (especially without knowing what kind of mileage I was actually going to see). If I had to choose between a 190-mile interval or a 230-mile interval, I picked the one I was guaranteed to hit. (Much as I love you guys, I'm not in the habit of flatlining test cars on the side of the freeway, even for science.)

On the way to San Francisco, my longest interval was 189 miles between the Bakersfield Shell and the Patterson Walmart. When I plugged into the Electrify America charger, it showed the battery at a 22% state of charge. Using reverse-percentage calculations, after 189 miles of driving, that extra 22% equated to 53 miles, or a total range of 242 miles. At that time, the Taycan showed a remaining range of 51 miles, which would've made for an even 240.

From Patterson to San Francisco, around downtown and back out to Patterson again, I covered 170 miles. Using the same Electrify America charger at the same Walmart, plugging in showed a 34% state of charge, or a theoretical 257 miles of range. The Taycan indicated 83 miles of range, which would've worked out to 253.

My longest stint between charging stations was 193 miles, from Patterson to Bakersfield, with a few miles tacked on so I could get a couple of photos of the Taycan at dusk. State of charge when I plugged in: 25%. Theoretical range after calculations: 257 miles. Indicated remaining range: 59 miles, or 252 total. Given the success I had with the other recorded runs, I could've pushed this one a bit more, but there's no way I felt confident going over The Grapevine without knowing where I'd be able to charge next.

My least-efficient run, the final leg from Bakersfield to my house, resulted in a theoretical 238-mile range. (119 miles traveled, 50% state of charge at end.)

All in, I spent $184.70 to charge the Taycan on the Electrify America network, with 50% battery left when I got back home. To put that in some kind of context, let's compare it with an equivalent gas-powered car -- say, a Porsche Panamera Turbo. The Panamera has a 23.7-gallon fuel tank and is rated at 21 miles per gallon combined. The average price of premium fuel in California is currently $3.73 per gallon, so to run the Panamera Turbo on this same 779-mile loop would have cost at least $137.90. Assuming you ran down one tank and just filled up again -- which is what I'd have done -- that'd be $176.80, with about half a tank to spare.

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