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The Taycan may be built upon a new platform, but it’s badging could be quite familiar. It looks like we will be seeing a performance ladder that conforms to the nomenclature found on Porsche’s ICE models.

The Taycan is set to arrive in around a year, with three different variants confirmed so far. A Porsche representative has said it will launch in standard, 4S and Turbo guise, though we don’t know how each will differ in regards to performance. At this time, we believe the base model will have around 400bhp, while the top end could deliver upwards of 700bhp.

Porsche claims the Turbo badging serves as a way of converting ICE owners, but we find it to be misleading. Even though the brand is one that is synonymous with heritage and continuity, the Taycan should be their first step in moving away from their internal combustion past. Porsche already has a number of models that are turbocharged but don’t wear the Turbo badge, so its not necessarily an indication of forced induction.


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"Turbo" on its own is quite weird, something should be done to designate it as something electric-specific on paper.

On the Taycan however, we should see the Turbo badge, if there is one, in the same colors as this Panamera Hybrid badge...

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