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Taycan Rear Seat Options

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I've been going back and forth on which seat configuration I'd prefer for my Taycan and I'm leaning towards the 2+1 setup for the sake of practicality. Though the 2-seat setup looks so much nicer.

Who plans on getting the 2+1 and who plans on getting the Taycan as a 4-seater?

Porsche Taycan rear seats
Porsche Taycan 2+1 Seats
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2+1 for those times when your kids need to have a friend home...
Going Black or Slate Grey interior, I dont Think the look will that different...
Too bad there isn't more going on for rear passengers like the Panamera. Yet we're paying how much?
Getting 2+1 since I have 3 kids. Not the same back seat as the panamera but def a more attractive car! And much more room than 911.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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