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Taycan News Reel (all latest developments)

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Waiting for developments about this new Taycan, I couldn't help but notice how much the EV space is growing, obvious to some but wasn't to me till recent. Thus, there a lot about the Taycan we don't know that will impact our current expectations, taking it well beyond what we can imagine. As these developments happen, including them under one topic header should help everyone understand where Porsche is coming from and what they're up to.

  • Recently these production developments were announced:
  • over 32,000 employees world wide as of Q1 2019 (influenced by Taycan development)
  • 1,000 more to be sourced for Taycan development for a total of 1,500
  • Porsche has committed to dedicating as many resources as possible to meet quality and demand requirements
  • annually, up to 40,000 units are expected and could grow!

put simply, Porsche here to dominate
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Porsche is setting the bar high for the Taycan's battery. Can't wait to test it for myself.

That said, perhaps the most interesting piece of information from Weckbach’s brief, written Q&A, are some tidbits about the Taycan’s battery pack. Porsche has noted that the upcoming electric car’s lithium-ion battery pack would be liquid cooled, enabling impressive performance and acceleration figures. The exec also noted that the size of the Taycan’s battery would be around 90 kWh, placing it just below the Model S’ largest battery pack to date and putting it in the same range as the Jaguar I-PACE.
Job creations are great, especially in an industry where so many are being lost due to automation and overseas production. With the amount of interest that Porsche has seen already in the Taycan, it could quickly eclipse that sales of both the Macan and Cayenne.
The development of the Taycan will be a huge benefit to all future electric models from the brand. Both the hybrid 911 and likely some future RS models as well will all be borrowing components that have been developed for this platform.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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