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Taycan front wheel camber while turning - is it supposed to lean outwards this much?

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Hey folks. I have owned my (used) Taycan for just over 24 hours now. I took it to a fast charger, and had to park at a weird angle while charging. When I got out, I noticed that the front wheel had a ton of tilt/camber when turned fully. This looks REALLY weird to me. Is this normal for these cars? Rough angle measurements via Photoshop ruler tool against the horizon show an angle of 6.8 degrees.

Wide angle and closeup shots are below

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Sky

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle
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That's how mine looks, except for the coffee cup!
That's how mine looks, except for the coffee cup!
Whoops. I forgot to remove that! That was my snack during my 1 hour charging session.

Glad to hear it's not just me. It still looks really odd to me, as you'd be prematurely wearing down the outside of the tire due to turning.

I guess I'll have to pay to do the left to right tire rotation pattern where they have to unmount the tires and mount them to the opposing wheel on the same axle.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts