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Over 3 days on 16-18 April 2020, Porsche Malaysia hosted the media and guests to this event. A member from The Taycan Club Malaysia (TCCM) was among the guest and he filed this report. There are 2 sessions each day, started with a welcome note and a brief intro on Porsche Malaysia. Current and future charging infrastructure in term of the number of chargers, their KW, whether AC/DC and their locations throughout the peninsula were presented. Randy Lim, the National Training Manager, guided the guests on the technical aspect of the taycan via a 'lower chassis' life-size model. At the track, guests were able to experience launch control of the Taycan 4S vs Taycan Turbo, with the obvious results that you can predict. Some guest claimed to have dislodged their organs for the first second, but managed to their retrieve them eventually. A convoy of 5 taycans were made available for the track experience, on Normal, Sports and Sport Plus mode over 5 laps of the 5.54km track. Behind these electrifying scenes, TCCM learned that 2 units of direct current fast charger (DCFC) were deployed at the pitstop to juice up 8 taycans for the closely packed sessions between morning and afternoon. The DCFC tapped on the high power available at sepang circuit, made possible by hosting previous F1 races with their immense energy needs.

Videos of this event and other taycanporn are at IG: the.taycan.club.malaysia









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