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Taycan Cross Turismo Tire Thread

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Now that the Taycan Cross Turismo is confirmed for production and had a production-like concept handed around to well know automotive publications, its important we dissect and break down what will directly reflect our experience. Tires are an important one and the Cross Turismo concept had a set of General Grabber AT275/40 R20. According to Porsche these were made to "work with the packaging" and "provide the intended off-pavement ability" but there are mixed reviews of them, from owners using Grabbers on other vehicles.

What other tires can be used if it doesn't offer adequate on-road and off-road ability?

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All Road/Trak models are on trend right now, and I think you'd be surprised at how many will be interested in this kind of spec from Porsche. Even if it just provides better stability and safety for the winter months.
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