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@Jackson @electricfelix.com @St00k here are some more real-world Taycan 4S stats:

Taycan_4s v1.1


Motor Configuration — Front/RearPermanent Magnet Synchronous (1F/1R)
Battery800-Volt, 93.4 kWh (Performance Battery Plus option)
Horsepower482 Standard/562 on Overboost
Torque (lb-ft)479 on Overboost
Transmission/DrivetrainSingle-Speed Trans Front Axle, Two-Speed Trans Rear Axle/AWD
Tire Brand/ModelHankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 EV NFO
Tire Size — Front/Rear225/55ZR19 103Y / 275/45ZR19 108Y
Wheel Model/Design19-inch Taycan S Aero Wheel
Brakes — Front/Rear360mm Ventilated Discs/358mm Ventilated Discs
MFG’s Curb Weight (lbs.)4,954

Credit: Honest Automotive Truth for 35 Years

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I don’t understand how they get to these low results. Even the 79 kWh version, on 20 inch wheels with 245/285 tires, did 270 miles in Teslabjørns range test at 90 kph (56 mph) continuous speed. NOTE: That was in 10 degrees Celsius (50F) with side wind. And low tire pressure, 2.4 bar.

In good conditions, a Tesla for comparison, hits almost exactly it’s WLTP and EPA numbers with this test procedure, over and over again. (EPA, oddly enough, being slightly higher than WLTP for most Tesla models.)

Anyways. That kind of range is what everyone compares with. So, that’s how you need to test; Best case conditions at highway speed.

Check out The Autobahn Specialist on YouTube. Two channels, one German and one US version. He has done 604 km (375 mi) in a 4S with 20 inch wheels. Admittedly at fairly low average speed (74 kph / 45 mph), still very realistic in many cases. And it really shows the cars potential. There’s also videos with equally impressive results at higher speeds.

This guy did 458 km. (285 mi) with a Taycan Turbo on the 21 inch Mission E wheels, with 265/305 wide tires. Average speed 97 kph (60 mph).

I’d say 380 miles is possible in a Taycan 4S on 19 inch wheels, in range mode, in good conditions. That’s the EPA rating it would have if it was a Tesla.
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