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Taycan 4S Price

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The 4S is priced like a Model S and arrives soon! Official numbers: "The Taycan 4S with the Performance Battery will start at $103,800, while the Performance Battery Plus model will start at $110,380. The company is taking preorders for the Taycan 4S starting today, and it plans to release the car in Europe in January 2020 and in the US at some point in the spring."

While base versions are competitive on price, as you check off the boxes, price increases a lot like any brand new Porsche. How much you ask? Try $195,870

Keep in mind that's with every possible option included (not including accessories!). Many of them not all that necessary if you just want to own a Taycan but good luck trying to resist the urge of getting some of the mid to high range priced items. Continue reading for details on them. Personally i'm content with a base 4S with few add-on's and accessories.


"Most Expensive 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S Costs $195,870

Go crazy on options and you'll pay double the Taycan's base price.

When Porsche unveiled its all-electric Taycan earlier this year in Turbo and Turbo S guise, people were impressed with just about everything except the price. With a starting figure of $153,310 and a slathering of options to take you well past $200,000, it’s very expensive. As such, when Porsche revealed the entry-level Taycan 4S with a sub-four-second 0-60 time and a $103,800 starting price, the world of EV supercars seemed a bit more attainable. As with any Porsche, however, the optional extras can add up in a hurry.

With the Taycan 4S configurator up and running, we jumped in for our traditional most expensive survey and we won’t pull any punches. With no less than $90,720 in options, you could buy base Taycan, a Tesla Model S Long Range, and still have enough to buy a secondhand first-generation Boxster. All total, we elevated the 4S to $195,870, and with the sheer number of options and combinations that Porsche offers, it’s quite possible we missed a few pricier selections.

We’ll spare you the pain of listing every single option we selected (which includes a $560 leather wallet for the owners manual) and detail the highlights. It actually starts off with two must-have items totaling $2,610 – the fixed panoramic roof and mobile charger connect – and they’re must-have because Porsche actually forces you to take them. As such, the Taycan 4S doesn’t really start at $103,800, but $106,410. Porsche explained that these are required items at launch, so if you can be patient and want an absolute barebones Taycan, you can get it later.

From there, the rabbit hole goes very deep. The Premium Package with Burmester sound system dings you for $10,570 (the sound system alone is $5,810) and the Performance Package is another $6,430. Mind you, that doesn’t include the Ceramic Composite Brakes – that will cost an additional $9,970. Nor does the Performance Package include the 93 kW/h performance battery, which is an extra $6,580.

Those packages give you a fair amount of the interior and tech upgrades available, though you’ll still pay $4,760 for the InnoDrive system with adaptive cruise control. That price also includes the heated steering wheel with carbon fiber trim and the full leather interior. The pricey 18-way adaptive seats aren’t part of the Premium Package, but it’s actually more expensive to go with the 14-way seats that offer memory, ventilation, and massaging functions. Such pampering costs $1,930, and if you want that extra passenger-side display screen, you’ll pay $1,130 for it.

As for aesthetics, all exterior finishes save for white or black are an extra $800 except for Carmine Red, which costs $3,150 so you know that’s what we chose. The 21-inch wheels with carbon fiber blades are no less than $8,770, and the Sport Design Package with black trim costs $6,040. Inside, carbon fiber trim is a $2,460 addition, and you can even have personalized door sill guards in matte carbon fiber, but it requires $4,060. After all that, should you wish to have the Porsche Experience delivery in either Los Angeles or Atlanta, it’s an extra $500.

We told you it adds up quick, and these are just the highlights. Figure in accessories such as covers, cloths, and special luggage, and you can easily clear $200,000. Jump into the Taycan configurator at the source link below, and see if there’s anything we missed on this EV adventure."

credit: motor1
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