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Porsche's clever camo for the Taycan was hiding more than we thought!

When versions of the Taycan production car first started prowling the streets, it appears as though the car would look a lot more like the Panamera and a lot less like the stunning Mission E concept. Now it appears that impression was the result of Porsche's clever camo work on the car.

We knew that the tailpipes on the rear were just a part of the fake-out by Porsche, but now we can see for the first time that the 2020 Porsche Taycan will in fact get the same stunning headlight first seen on the Mission E concept.

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The front end is nice but out back i'm having my doubts.

Compared to the Mission E, the Taycan's rear end almost seems too short. As you follow the roof line towards the rear, it gets steep, almost too steep of a drop.
The concept... its more drawn out and elegant.
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