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Snow Tires

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What winter tire options are available for the Taycan aside from this Pirelli spec (245/45 R120 103 V)?:

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I know 911's come with Michelin Pilot Alpins. Although I can't confirm if that's consistently offered in different markets. My personal experience with them was great and if they can be fitted to a Taycan i'll go for it.
On Porsche's website they use Goodyear Ultra Grip tires in the photos for their winter wheel and tire sets.

19 inch wheels

Front axle: 9 J x 20 RO 54 with 245/45 R20 103V XL tires,
Rear axle: 11 J x 20 RO 60 with 285/40 R20 108V XL tires.

20 inch wheels

Front axle: 8 J x 19 RO 50 with 225/55 R19 103V XL tires,
Rear axle: 10.0 J x 19 RO 47 with 275/45 R19 108V XL tires.
Anyone know if there are 19" or 20" steel wheels available to mount snow tires on for the Taycan?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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