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2021 Tycan 4S - Black
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Hi all. First post here and just got my '21 Tycan 4S.
I saw this video and a bunch of others by the CEO, Mate.
I think the most promising thing about one of these is that Porsche was not asleep at the wheel with this company. I will try to find which video I watched, but in one Mate stated that Porsche has invested and owns 15% of Rimac! This was great foresight in my view of a strategic partnership to be able to incorporate the advancements into the future of Porsche's EV growth.
I think it may have actually been in the video from Nico Rosberg when he takes the Rimac on a ride and makes Mate so nervous, I think he pulled the plug and said there was a 'brake issue'! hahaha.
There is also one where Top Gear's, Richard Hammond launches the Rimac off the side of a mountain after a hill climb and is pulled out and it is completely burned up in flames. Multiple flips and escapes with a cut on his leg. Really amazing and shocking.
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