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Resale value

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I am a Porsche lover and owner of multiple variants of Porsche. I have a pending order for the Taycan 4S and can’t wait to get it. I have leased an electric Fiat 500e for nearly 6 years as my daily driver for commuting reasons. I love my 500e but it is two small, does not enough range and it’s not a performance car. When I turned in my first lease back in 2017 I saw that a 3 year old car had almost no resale value. This is also true for many other electric cars on the market today. I know that most Porsche’s retain their value and they will be less than original price but will it be less than half the original price in 3 years. If anyone has info or theory on this subject please comment.
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Its tough to say what resale will be like but i'd say within what Porsche's typically decline to.
That is what I would hope for. Thanks for the reply
I agree with @Axiom, I don't think the resale is going to tank like other EVs, it's still a Porsche after all. It's not like Porsche is going to drastically change the Taycan in the near future.
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