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Porsche Drive Rental now includes the Taycan and here's what you can expect:

"Of course, the reality is that we are talking about three different EV machines. The one that might reach the astonishing range with a single battery charge is the recently unveiled Lucid Air sedan. The second can easily be recognized via the Tesla Summon autonomous parking feature. And the third, a performance oriented EV, is the 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo S.

While it’s certainly not the range king some thought it would be – the Taycan is undeniably a performance machine. One that makes a huge dent in the family budget in return for its credentials. For example, at home in Germany, the base Taycan 4S goes for at least 103,802 euros (more than $123k). Go for the absolute best, the aforementioned Taycan Turbo S, and you have to shell out 181,638 euros ($215+ k).

Or you could simply do what General Motors did with the EV1 – take it home for a limited amount of time. While the latter was famous for only being available through limited lease-only agreements, Porsche is only now introducing the rental choice for fans of the fully electric sedan.

Basically, the German carmaker has decided to update its “Porsche Drive Rental” fleet to also include the Taycan, with the premium service expanding the choice beyond its classic sports cars. For starters, the option to play around for a few hours or days (from three hours up to 28 days) is only available at home in Germany, in certain cities: Stuttgart, Leipzig, Hamburg, Berlin and Sylt.

Pricing details are far easier on the wallet than a fully-fledged purchase, with the Taycan being available for a minimum of 193 euros ($229). The amount includes the car for three hours and Porsche explains the rental period and prices are subject to change based on the vehicle model. What stays the same is the Porsche Charging Service bonus of free recharges during the rental period."
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