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really disappointed with my tacan sport tourismo battery plus range performance

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hello, I bought a year ago a brand new sport tourismo taycan with battery plus having in theory around 493km range. Unfortunately I realized that I have never experienced this range in theory those few times that I charged my car up to 100% for a trip. 8/10 times 100% charge leads to around 410 km and if during a trip ill stop for a fast charge using a 50kw charger I realize that the battery for the next charging procedure charges showing a range that equals less than 400 km for the 100%. A week ago I had to prepare for a trip. I charged my car up to 100% and the range appeared on the screen to be 420 km. I made a stop for 30 min approximately using a fast charger of 50kw and then I continued my trip. At my way back home I stoped again to the same charger and charged the car uo to 84% and I returned. After three days when the remaining range was around 90 km I used my typical 22kw charger to charge my car up to 85% ( that is my typical scenario ) and the 85% resulted only to 307 km range, meaning that 100% would be only 360 km !!! So ONLY 360 km comparing to a theoretical 493 km for a battery plus car is absolutely disappointing. Unfortunately this is the case for the whole year that I have this. its a great driving experience that makes me angry every time I charge my car up to 80% - 85% and I realize that the range is extremely poor comparing to the expected one. Not even the so expected update that took place in the Porsche center solved this problem. Im so disappointed that I'm thinking of selling the car although as I mentioned is a great one regarding driving experience. I think I regret selling my previous CAYENNE 2021 model so fast. Is anyone facing similar situation ? pls advise
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This is absolutely normal. The advertised range for all EV is a theoritical one as it is measured in Europe inside a building on a roller with no wind and at a fixed speed. It is not made at high speed, there is no wind, no acceleration et no deceleration etc. In the US, the EPA provides always a lower range using a mathematical formula to attempt to compensate for those differences and in general it is correct or we perform slightly above the predicted range. The range depends on so many things such as acceleration you use, speed, wind, tire size, outside temperature and road slope (mountain or flat etc). So what you are reporting is right on with all of us. Your range is actually right on.
As andreloranger2 stated, this is unfortunately yet another reason why the WLTP numbers are complete crap. As much as people love to hate on EPA estimates, they generally are much closer to reality (providing one does not "cheat" like Tesla sometimes does). 230 miles or 360 km is exactly the range you should be getting. The real question is, are you upset because you bought it based on the fake 490+ km number, or are you upset because you actually need more than 490km roundtrip per day?
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