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Hello fellow Taycan owners,
I'm not sure if I should prepay for maintenance which is required every 2 years and/or wheel and tire insurance
Any suggestions?
I don't see a need for wheel/tire insurance but not sure about maintenance.

Maintenance which is required every 2 years and or wheel and tire insurance:
Pricing cost:
2 year/20,000 miles $770

4 year/40,000 miles $1,830

6 year/60,000 miles $$4,675

Wheel and tire insurance:

3 years $2,627

4 years $2,707

5 years $2,821

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I just took delivery of my 4S in frozen blue (beyond my expectations; loving it!!!!) and i decided to get the road hazard/wheel and tire insurance for peace of mind. I previously had 4 911’s and a Macan and with the DFW road Conditions I had more than one flat/damaged tire with all but the first 911. so, I actually used the insurance multiple times And it’s great to just have it taken care of for me by the dealership.
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