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Porsche upping the EV game

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Hello fellow Porsche fans. I had a feeling that Tesla's days of dominating the EV segment were numbered and models like the Taycan confirm it. Pricing seems to be all over the place from various sources, but if they can deliver this at a price that's similar to the Model S then its a wrap.
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Hey there. So long as Porsche is able to prevent any production mishaps, I agree that the Taycan is going to be a big disruptor for the segment. Early numbers are saying $85k, which is actually less than the entry level 90D.
Its a losing battle for Tesla, now the market is ready to bring the big guns out. Even sales of the Model 3 have yet to outpace the BMW 3-Series and that says a lot already.
The Model 3 has already become one of the top 5 best selling luxury cars in NA. We have seen some quality control issues arise from their production push, but reviews of the Model 3 have been quite positive so far.
Don't discount what we are going to see from Chinese brands like GAC, Nio or Byton. Although they may struggle for traction initially, odds are that this is where the cheapest premium entry level EV will come from. I expect that many new brands will fall by the wayside however, as we've seen with Faraday Future.
I think Chinese EV comes are going to have a tough time taking market share away from the segment leaders in NA. Even if they do provide cheaper alternatives, buyers are going to skeptical of their build quality and long term reliability.
If the China vs U.S./Western World trade war goes ugly then it might just be anti-China rhetoric that impacts sales of Chinese goods.
I've yet to see any really impressive premium Chinese EV's. And I would imagine that the availability of models and parts/accessories will probably be quite limited for any kind of NA launch.
Seen for myself what the Chinese have done for Volvo, making it into the brand it was always supposed to be. If that keeps up, the future will be Chinese.
I would have a look at some of the concept cars from NIO and keep in mind that they filed for a $1.8 billion IPO. Like Tesla they are still struggling to be profitable, but at the moment they are only selling in their home market.
Even just being profitable in China means a lot since the GDP of just some areas of China have been more than entire countries.
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