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Taycan production is getting closer and any concerns about battery supply issues appear to have no impact on the vehicle's release date.

With a planned debut in September and limited rollout in 2019, the bulk of orders for the Taycan will be delivered next year.

Originally Porsche planned for 20,000 unit production per year, but has said that will increase. No specific numbers have been released but CEO Oliver Blume has said it will be "much more" than 20,000.

As for the early release versions, Blume has confirmed they expect to produce around 10,000 units in 2019, which are destined to make it into the hands of owners.


From the interview, Blume did note that while under development Porsche engineers did encounter some issues and even highlighted a few of the larger concerns the team had to deal with. Specifically he pointed out "issues with power loss, loading and unloading, the thermal management of the battery or the acoustics."

Porsche has not confirmed which individuals who placed a deposit will be able to take delivery this year, although they have announced that info will become available shortly after the car's debut when owners will be able to spec out their specific car.
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