On Sept 06 at the IAA show Porsche will reveal this future-oriented concept.
What do you think it could be?

"Porsche has announced plans to attend the upcoming IAA show – which beginning with 2021 is moving from Frankfurt to Munich – to introduce a "future-oriented concept study." The adjacent teaser image strongly suggests we are dealing with an EV as the four-point LED headlights are similar to those of the Mission E concept and the Taycan production car that followed.

The headlight shape might make you think of the 996-gen 911's "fried egg" lights with the orange accent in the bottom-left corner, but we actually don't think the IAA-bound showcar is related to Zuffenhausen's rear-engined machine. Porsche has made it crystal clear a fully electric 911 won't arrive this decade, so it would be way too premature to preview a zero-emissions version that won't hit the streets until 2030 at the earliest.

Ok, but what is it then? Well, we're also ruling out the Macan EV as the clay model "accidentally" leaked by Porsche showed a different headlight design. A closer look at the image shows the concept car appears to have a fairly short front section since the black area at the top is seemingly the base of the windshield where the wipers are located. That rules out a Porsche equivalent of the Audi A6 E-Tron since the PPE-based electric concept had a long nose akin to a car powered by a combustion engine.

That brings us to the 718. As some of you will recall, Michael Steiner, Porsche's executive board member for R&D, told Car and Driver about the firm's intentions of developing a 718 electric concept car. Is this it? Having ruled out the 911, Macan, and a Porsche-ified A6 E-Tron, there are reasons to believe Porsche will be previewing a Boxster/Cayman EV."