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Porsche Taycan wins Top Gear's 2019 Car of the Year Award

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Add another accolade to the Taycan's trophy case. Top Gear has named it their 2019 Car of the Year.

“It takes all of about three minutes driving a Taycan to realise that Porsche has permanently altered what people who love conventional cars will think of electric cars.

“Porsche has been threatening to make a genuinely beautiful saloon car for years, and it might just have achieved it this time. The wide-track stance and sense that the bodywork has been melted over the wheels is stunning.

“It hints at what will be possible with an electric platform in the future. Lower emissions, yes, but also a world of speed and capability that might make those who have hollered for the death of the internal combustion engine wonder if they’ve actually opened a Pandora’s box of raw speed. What a machine.”

It also won their award for "Game Changer of the Year"

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