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Q3 of 2019 is when the first Taycan deliveries are said to happen globally with no concrete information directly from Porsche.

Porsche had to double its production capacity to 40,000 units for the initial 2020 model year to meet pre-order demand so I'm sure as a community there's a lot of info we can pull together. Feel free to participate regardless of your region; Europe, North America the Middle East, Asia, etc. Sharing your number on the waiting list would be a start, along with:

  • timeline: when did you pre-order? how long is the wait? and when are you expecting updates? first test drive? any other significant dates?
  • the Porsche dealer you're with and their Taycan allocation
  • insider information: possible Taycan model configurations (colors, trims, options), taycan configurator launch date, pricing, etc.
  • stuff you can get NOW: ex. e-performance charging cord
  • questions your dealer has been unable to answer so far
  • if you canceled and asked for a refund (some people have)

Porsche will likely keep us in the dark till the automotive press drives are out and followed by a wealth of information. All of that weeks-days ahead of delivery.

Even with that said anything can happen from now till then.

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I put in my deposit on Feb 2, 2019. At that time my dealer ( Porsche of Melbourne FL) had 40 deposits. I don't know my position on the wait list.

I don't know their allocation of Taycans. They sell about 300 cars a year.

The dealer expects to be visited by corporate folks with a Taycan demo car in late fall.

The dealer sales folks will be receiving additional Taycan training in late May 2019

My questions:
1. When the car is set to maximum recuperation mode will the brake lights be illuminated during deceleration?
2. Will there be any type of pass through to the trunk for skis, long objects, etc?
3. Will the car come without a sun roof?
4. Is a trailer hitch available for bike rack or cargo rack?
5. Does the Taycan have a tow rating?
6. Range for base Taycan?
7. Range for Taycan S?
8. Ride height for base Taycan?
9. Ride height for Taycan S? Is the air suspension height adjustable?
10. Battery options for base Taycan and Taycan S
11. Delivery schedules for Base & S and availability of both models?
12. Is automatic forward collision braking standard as in the Cayenne?
13. What driver assistance aids will be provided?
14. Length of supplied charging cable?
15. Connector type supplied with charging cable?
16. Will a rear bench seat option be available as in the Panamera?
17. Will rear wheel steering be standard on the S model?

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Porsche Buffalo received two Taycan's, likely pre-production models from the Niagara Falls debut.

Regardless, its still nice to see them in an actual Porsche dealer. Probably the very first till first Taycan deliveries take place. Too bad most dealers are still tight-lipped about any details aside from allocation numbers and anything Porsche Corporate already said.


@r553, Taycan allocations around 40 per dealer seems like a good average. I'm sure some will get more and definitely some less. Possibly 50-60 for some of the highest volume dealers around.

I don't know how many Porsche dealers there are throughout North America. Doing the math, dividing that 40 average by the 10,000 Taycan's confirmed for N.A, works out to be 250. A number that sounds about right to me.

Up to 20,000 more Taycan's will be allocated to the rest of the world.

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Need your help with my situation. I live in Southern California. Interested in a rwd model with battery plus. My local dealer has an allocation for mid december. The salesman is telling me that i need to order it now in order to receive it this year. It is important for me to receive it this year for tax planning purposes. Is there a high possibility that i will receive the car this year with a december allocation?
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