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Porsche Taycan Teased With Headlight Closeup

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Porsche released three "new" images of the Taycan today, some of which will look familiar and one that's definitely all-new!

First up are the two design sketches, which were actually released by Porsche several weeks back. We're not sure if they just forgot they did that, or if it was a media office in another country. Either way, they're not new.

What is new, is the singular headlight design showing some amazing detail of the craftsmanship involved in this car. Of particular note is the fact that the headlight design also serves as a fully functional air intake.

The images come as part of a design description of the car and an interview with Porsche styling boss Michael Mauer. Of note, Mauer said that Porsche did consider launching its first ever EV as an SUV, but decided on the sedan to drive home the point that it's a sports car company.

While we've seen plenty of prototypes running around, the final design is expected to share a lot wit the 911 - something Mauer says they were able to achieve due to the lack of an internal combustion engine up front.

Overall, Mauer said he wants the Taycan to be the 911 of EVs.

"My vision is that the Taycan will become an icon of this new era, almost like a synonym for a purely electric sports car," he said, "just like what the 911 achieved in its segment over the past decades."

The Taycan will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.
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Are those drawings of a 2 door or 4 door unit?
That's a 4-door, even though it doesn't look like it
It would be great if it was an open headlight assembly or 3D like Porsche's new tail light design showing up everywhere but I'm sure it'll be fully enclosed.
Reading Mauer's thoughts on the design was really insightful for what Porsche is trying to do with the Taycan. I particularly liked when he was explaining why they still use clay for making the models, it's small details like those that go a long way for the overall product.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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