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The Porsche Taycan has been spied, and this time not wearing a Panamera body.

The latest pictures of the upcoming 2020 Taycan come to us all the way from Copenhagen where Porsche is apparently doing some real-world testing up its upcoming electric sedan.

The car appears to be wearing no camo at first but upon closer inspection, there are still parts of the car's design that are covered up. As a result we still don't know quite what it looks like yet.

One item to note are the faux exhaust pipes. Odd.

The Taycan is set to debut this Fall at the Frankurt Motor Show in September with deliveries in January of 2020. Both a standard model and a Turbo version are expected, with the top level car making 600-hp and boasting a 0-60 time of just 3.5 seconds.


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Does seem like we are getting close to a production model here and enough has been done to distinguish it from their ICE models. Wonder if those aero wheels are the finalized design. Think the higher end variants will get differed colored calipers?
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