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Porsche Taycan poised to pass 911 in sales

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Automotive News released an article about the potential of the Taycan passing the 911 in global sales. It's crazy to think but there's a possibility it can become a reality.

Demand for the Porsche Taycan has been so strong that sales of the full-electric sedan have nearly matched those of the iconic 911 sports car.

In the first quarter Porsche delivered 9,072 Taycans, leaving it just 61 units behind the 911, the Volkswagen Group subsidiary said in a statement.

The Taycan, Porsche's first first purely battery-powered model, debuted in 2019 as a competitor to the Tesla Model S.

“Established models have supported this excellent result along with the latest additions to our product range, above all the new model variants of the all-electric Taycan,” Porsche sales chief Detlev von Platen said in the statement, referring to the brand’s 36 percent first-quarter surge. “We can look back on a very positive start to the year.”

The Taycan, which Porsche recently flanked with a more spacious version, is a litmus test for the automaker’s costly shift to electric vehicles. Boosting EV sales with Porsche will be key to maintaining healthy margins as the division is VW group’s biggest profit contributor by far.

Porsche’s total global deliveries rose to 71,986 vehicles in the first quarter, driven mainly by demand in China, its largest market.

The compact Macan SUV was the brand’s best-selling model, ahead of the larger Cayenne. Porsche next year will launch a battery-powered version of the Macan, which is underpinned by a new platform for upscale electric cars co-developed with sister brand Audi.

Porsche remains optimistic about business prospects this year even as a global shortage of semiconductor parts disrupts production plans across the industry. Order books “continue to develop very well,” von Platen said.
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People want practicality. It's why Urus sales have been so high. The Taycan is no Tesla in that department but that won't be a problem for long.
That would be simply amazing.
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