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I found a bunch of information that should help people when tracking their Taycan orders.

Here's an example of what the the Porsche order Tracking system. There's 3 dates to keep in mind: Planned Date, Expected Date, and Actual Date. Planned is the original delivery time, the Expected date can change, and Acutal date is when everything is finished.

As far as the codes on the left side in the "Event Key" go, here's what each of them mean.

V200 Delivery date determined. Now you have an allocation with an estimated delivery date. This date can easily change through the process due to many outside factors (parts, weather, changes to your order, etc). You should be able to get an estimate build schedule (like the example above) from your dealer at this point.

V170/180 This mean the order is being reviewed by Porsche because of a special request. It could be as simple of specifying the color of your stitching, to Paint to Sample color requests, to full CXX options. This typically comes after V200 if a special request was made when your build was submitted.

V250 Order has locked. You probably can’t make any changes at this point without pulling some strings. Even though the order is locked it can still be a long wait from now until the vehicle actually starts production. Anything from weeks to months. Your build schedule should provide you with estimated timing.

V260 Vehicle has entered the body shop. Now your car has officially started production. However there can still be delays at this point. Everything from parts shortage to changes in shipping schedules could impact your schedule. People have reported cars taking several additional weeks as a worst case.

V300 Your vehicle is complete and is ready to leave the factory. Your vehicle will wait until it is loaded onto a truck and shipped to Port Emden in Germany.

V331 Entry port Emden. Most vehicles traveling outside of Europe will be loaded onto a ship in the German port of Emden. Your vehicle could sit here for days to weeks depending on the shipping schedules.

V332 Exit port Emden. This means your car has been loaded onto a ship and has left port. Prior to your car leaving port you can use the V332 expected date as a way to figure out what ship it might be transported on.

Porsche Sales Vehicle Management System
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