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According to a Global Brand Ambassador we'll get three Porsche Taycan models (sedans) from launch: Taycan, Taycan 4s and Taycan Turbo (see email below)

Pricing is said to start from "the low $90,00 for the Taycan, high $90,000 for the 4S and over $130,000 for the Turbo before options" with deposits from $2500. Keep in mind all of this was done through an email exchange and not published publicly from Porsche, so its not 100% confirmed. However, anyone familiar with Porsche's model line up and how the Taycan fits in, knows this model/price breakdown makes a lot of sense.

The only thing that could change at the Q3 launch are model names. They mostly fit Porsche's naming scheme but it is their first EV

Confirming that staring price I quoted earlier is Rober Meier, an executive in charge of the Taycan model line-up who was quoted saying “We’re expecting a price somewhere between a Cayenne and a Panamera,” in an interview with AN. Of course that can only be north of $90,000.

In that same interview Rober Meier mentioned that a model priced no more than $225,000 USD would also join, likely a Taycan 'Turbo S'.

Whether the high-performing 'Turbo' model designation will actually stick is yet to be seen.
I still think its weird and would prefer seeing 'Taycan S' and 'Taycan GTS' because it can't actually have turbos. For now though it works as we categorize the features and performance each model will have and ultimately decide what to get our hands on.

Then there's also the Taycan Cross Turismo (wagon/estate) as originally seen in concept form. Porsche seems determined on bringing it to market, there are spy shots of a production-like version. Its expected to start from $150,000 and set to launch after Taycan sedan models sometime in 2020. Some report suggest early-mid 2020.

Its mid-2019 now and the late-2019 launch means we're just weeks away from learning more directly from Porsche!

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Have you seen that email thread on twitter showing that tweet to be a possible fake? Another Taycan related email from a Porsche dealer used the copyright marker, while this didn't.
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