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DrivingElectric has started a friendly competition on Gran Turismo called the Lockdown Leaderboard.

It's a lap time challenge for gamers with the Taycan as the base car and the Nordschleife as the track. DrivingElectric is keeping track of times in the game through the hashtag #DEleaderboard.

Here's a link to the rules and times for the competition:

Here's some of the times that they have so far:

Gran Turismo Sport Lockdown Leaderboard
Car: Porsche Taycan Turbo S
Tyres: Sport Soft
Tuning: None
Assists: Any
Track: Nordschleife

Lap times:
Alex Ingram (Auto Express) – 7:14.804
Kyle Patrick (AutoGuide) – 7:15.962
Antony Ingram (evo) – 7:17.723
Grant Norman (Twitter) – 7:19.935
Sam Mercer (SEAT UK) – 7:36:317
Richard Ingram (DrivingElectric) – 7:38.168
Ben Hodges (Carbuyer) – 7:59.058
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