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According to a new survey on new and used car sales by iSeeCars.com, the Porsche Taycan is the fastest selling new EV available. Their results found that it takes a total of 37 days to sell a Taycan compared to the average 70.2 days.

Fastest-Selling New and Used EVs
RankNew EVDays to Sell (Average)Used EVDays to Sell (Average)
1Porsche Taycan37.0Tesla Model 329.3
2Chevrolet Bolt EV41.7Tesla Model X47.6
3Hyundai Ioniq Electric50.5Tesla Model S50.7
4Audi e-Tron62.4BMW i356.3
5Kia Niro EV85.5Chevrolet Bolt EV56.5
6Hyundai Kona EV88.5Kia Soul EV59.1
7Nissan LEAF99.2Nissan LEAF65.0
8Jaguar I-Pace128.3Audi e-Tron68.6
New EV Average70.2Used EV Average54.8

The Porsche Taycan, which debuted for 2020, is the fastest-selling EV, which sells in an average of 37 days compared to the 70.2 day average for the segment. “Demand for the Porsche Taycan was stronger than the automaker anticipated, while production constraints further added to the shortage of new versions of the vehicle,” said Ly. Another luxury EV, the Audi e-Tron that debuted in 2019, ranks fourth. The e-Tron had to stop production in February due to a shortage in battery supply, and was unable to meet production targets as a result.
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