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Porsche Taycan gets unveiled on September 4th

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Circle your calendars everyone because the Taycan will be unveiled on September 4th in Berlin according to Handelsblatt. https://edison.handelsblatt.com/erklaeren/porsche-im-taycan-fieber/24846448.html

Some other interesting points from the article:
  • "Only 300 of the approximately 1,500 employees in the Taycan production have a Porsche history, the vast majority was re-acquired and lured away from other companies."
  • In September " the production curve can be hoisted "at a 45-degree angle" (Reimold) and in two-shift operation, the first series models can be delivered to customers. Reimold can not elicit specific quantities, but that Porsche wants to build at least 20,000 copies a year from the Taycan and at least as much from its sister model, the Cross Turismo, is an open secret in Stuttgart."
  • Production will start in May with the goal of producing 6 Taycans a day. "For crash tests and test drives by the company's engineers and board members, for the IAA in Frankfurt and of course the dealers who want to present the new Taycan to their customers in the autumn."
  • The acceleration values are comparable to those of a Porsche GT3RS, the top model in the 911 series.
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